I’m forever yours…faithfully

I am a wife…

It’s true…there were witnesses…lol

The wedding went off pretty well…no major drama, no real disasters…I actually felt like I looked like a bride and for once…I actually thought I looked quite pretty…I got to see some wonderful friends that I don’t see often and some that I see all the time and value to such a great extent as to say it would not have been as great a joy if they were not there…

We honeymooned in Playa del Carmen in Mexico and it was wonderful, we swam with the Dolphins, snorkeled, walked the ruins in Tulum and ate food that was so good I am still savouring each bite…we stayed at an amzing resort that was beautiful and so much fun, we saw shows, we shopped a bit, we swam, we sunned, we loved…it is a time I will never forget…but…

I was ready to return to real life…which is a mixed bag of sorts…lol…we arrived home late Friday and Jason left Sunday for work…he will get back the day after Easter…this was not a surprise, before we even left on our honeymoon we knew when he would be leaving…the issue is now this…The house is clean, gifts are unpacked and put away, the things we are not keeping (old stuff) has been gathered and placed in the garage for friends who want or need it, or a garage sale down the road…my planner that I have lived out of for the last 6 months is empty…literally…I am having dinner or coffee with a friend on Friday and that is all I have in my planner at all for the next three weeks…I don’t know what to do with myself…I don’t really want to watch TV much, Daisy chewed up my glasses so reading is out, I have a couple of craft/art projects that I want to do but really I have all of spring and summer to do them…I am completely without focus…As much of a pain in the ass as the wedding was, it also gave me things that needed accomplishing and deadlines…now…well…again my planner is empty…I am going to have to do some soul searching…I was expecting this really…just not so fast…lol

I am well and truly at a crossroads…I think a lot of us post WLSr’s reach this point, probably around now…I will be two years out on March 20th…so in essence I am two years out…I have maintained my current weight for almost a year…I am good with where I am, I wear a 12 or 14, I feel pretty good most days….I am and always will be grateful for this tool, the tool still works for me…but…it is no longer my life.  I think that is healthy….the whole point of the surgery was to get my life back and I have that…so…where do I go from here?  I will always be a WLS patient…but by and large…it is more a part of my foundation than my daily life…I have some new challenges on the horizon…and I want to embrace those things…I guess the point of all of this is that this will no longer be a WLS blog…if things come up regarding WLS I will always blog about it because I owe it to the WLS community and myself.  I will never hide or forget where I came from however it will be more about a girl living life who had WLS once upon a time.  I know I am not the first to change blog direction, several on my own blogroll have changed focus over the last year…it’s just how life goes…

So this is where I am today…I have started down a new path, I have to figure out what it means to be a good wife, a loving companion and part of a new family.  It will be a challenge…I am for sure up to the task but it will be somewhat daunting at times…

I thank all of you for being such a great source of support and inspiration to me over the last two years…I have loved being a part of your journey’s and feel truly humbled to have had you all as part of mine…I hope you will stick around…because I am sure to do some stupid stuff and of course I will need witnesses…lol

Love to you all…

Mrs. Jaeger


5 thoughts on “I’m forever yours…faithfully

  1. Laurie says:

    Hey Mrs. Jaeger… You know I’ll always be front-row-center to see you do stupid things.. and cheer you on and participate as well! 🙂
    Yes ma’am… I’m at a crossroads too… I’m 4 months ahead of you but in all reality, it’s not much. Besides WLS, as you said, you’re now a wife. You have a new role in the world, and you need to figure it out. You will be a great wife, just as you are a great friend! 🙂 I have lots of potential projects on the horizon and will need a partner in crime.. wahoo! 🙂
    Love ya girly! xoxo

    • justjil says:

      If there is a crime to be committed and you need a partner you know I am always up for that…lol

      And I fully expect your partcipation when I am doing something stupid…it makes the after stories so much better 🙂

      I think I will be a good wife in time…but for now making the transition will probably come with a few bandages…lol


  2. Kim says:

    Well, you know i will totally be here, as I adore you and all. But I totally suck. The begining of this year has flown by and all of a sudden on Facebook I see you are already married! I knew it was coming, but then it was suddenly here and I hadn’t even sent a freaking card. So I suck…big whompus…whatever that is. But I am so happy for you…thrilled to bits.

    But yes, WLS blogging I rarely do now. It’s more about health and life and good for you for working out!! I love being physical now, Jil. Truly. And it amazes me on a daily basis. I love that I can do it; that I can do what I never in a million years thought I could. I hope that novelty never wears off.

    And you can always come visit me if you need something for on your calendar!

    • justjil says:

      Thanks Kim…it snuck up on me too…like a silent bulldozer 🙂 Whompas Sucking…hmmm…could be an Olympic sport nes pas? lol

      And for the record…3rd day in a row exercising 🙂 Wahooo…I am sure I will occasionally blog WLS but if I am being honest…it took a backseat sometime ago to life and sometimes it’s just best to call a spade a spade and move forward…so I am…

      Some day I will make it up that way…we’ll do lunch 🙂 My calendar is awfully sad but shaping up a bit at least…I have a couple of things this weekend now…as usual, Laurie is saving me from myself…lol

      I knew I could count on you anyway…but thanks for confirming it…


  3. Liza says:

    Hi Jil! Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I am working on feeling better these days and I know it’s coming. As for you, congrats on the wedding!!! And I agree with everyone else, you have wonderful things to look forward to and I for one would love to be here to read about them! Take care, Liza

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