Please remember me…

It has admittedly been awhile since my last post.  I am not going to apologize…it takes too long…and although I always mean it, it’s a little like the boy who cried wolf…if you say it too much no one believes you anyway…lol

I am well.

My weight continues to hold steady.

I feel good.

I feel normal…as much as anyone feels normal I guess…maybe it’s more that I don’t feel abnormal…and that’s pretty dang amazing.

I will be getting married 2 months from tomorrow.  Emotionally I am ready…mentally I am ready…realistically I am NOT ready…I have not been super efficient as a bride to be…I have been too laid back and now with two months to go, it is biting me in the butt.

Still though…on March 6th I will become Mrs. Jaeger…I am excited beyond any earthly expression that I might be able to muster up…how is that for dramatic verbosity 🙂

I have been working on making my house more of a home…decorating and such…it gives me something to do…as Jason has been gone since December 6th…he returns in two weeks…it has been a long winter so far for me…Christmas was good…my family came over but his absence was never far from my mind…I miss him so when he is gone.  He is on a NAVY contract right now…and I am not allowed to disclose his location which is a new thing for me…blessedly they at least decided that I could know where he would be…in saying that…in some ways, though he has been gone this long before it has been tougher…we have not been allowed to have contact…it is a high clearance gig…he was allowed to send me an email the day before Christmas that said he was safe, he loved and missed me and that things were going okay for him…it was not much but it gave me some peace…In my heart I knew that he was okay but it still gave me some relief to hear from him at all…I do not expect to hear from him again until he makes it back on base which should be sometime around the 18th or 19th…and then hopefully I will be picking his punk-ass up at the airport on the 20th or 21st…I am not sure if he gets to read them or not but I do write to him every couple of days letting him know the bits and pieces of our life that continue on here….news of family and such…I would ask if I could, for some prayers…I have a family member who has been having a very tough go of things and he is very sick…I feel he is not long for this world, whether by choice or circumstance…I am praying that whatever the outcome, that he is able to find some peace because he has not known peace for a very, very long time…he has been and continues to be a very broken man…the sadness and heartbreak he has known is beyond my scope…and whereas I am infinitely blessed to not have know his pain, my own pain for him is very real and devastating of its own accord.

On a lighter note…as some of you may remember…I broke one of my ribs back in January of 2009…and was told by my doctor and Jason that I was not allowed any further broken bones for 2009…because I am extremely defiant, I broke my little pinky toe on Christmas eve…so HA!  Tell me not to break a bone will you?…Hmm, we will see about that…now about that toe…holy Mary mother of God…does a broken pinky hurt like holy heck…I tried to put on shoes this weekend…and ummm…not so much…I have been sporting flip-flops and house slippers ever since then…not sure when I will be able to wear shoes again…I have been told that it can take months for it to heal…um, wedding, March 6th…must wear shoes…broken pinky be gone!  Be gone I say!  Because quite frankly, flip-flops when it is 26 degrees outside is nuts…even for me!

Hope this blog post finds all of you well…



and blessed!

For despite many of lifes little curveballs…I am all of those things!

Happy 2010 to us all!!!


Nov 2009


8 thoughts on “Please remember me…

  1. Janine says:

    I am so pleased to read that all is going well….apart fromt he pinky toe. They sure do hurt when you base them around.

    It’s great that you heard from Jason and that all is well and he will be home soon.

    As for the wedding…..isn’t that what your bridesmaids is for??? I am sure that Laurie will make sure that everything falls into place and your day will be plain sailing.

    I love the pic of you both, you are looking fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just ADORE your hair!!!

    • justjil says:

      Thank you so much Janine…I had wondered if there was anyone left who kept up with my sadly neglected little blog…it seems with the exception of Simon’s twinged back all is well with you too…congrats on your move…I hope all went well with that…and here is a well-wish that you don’t have to move again in 2010…lol

  2. Kim H. says:

    Oh my goodness… this post made me laugh and get sentimental at the same time! Jil – stop breaking those bones, will ya?! Geez! I acutally put on tennis shoes after my wedding ceremony – because I couldn’t wear the heals anymore!

    I’ll be praying for a quick and safe return for the soon to be Mr. Jil 🙂 – I can’t imagine how hard it must be to not be able to have contact. I’ll forever be grateful for his service to the Navy though!

    I can’t wait to hear more about this wedding – and hopefully see pictures at some point – because girl… you are radiant! The photo of the two of you is gorgeous! You’re going to be a stunning bride!

  3. Kim H. says:

    I didn’t click the box – so I’m adding another comment – in case you reply. 🙂

    • justjil says:

      LOL…thank you Kim…My goal for 2010…No broken bones! Wearing flip-flops to the Christmas Eve service and gimping and flip-flopping my way to the front of a packed church for communion was a lesson in humility for sure…It’s a good thing I am on such close personal terms with humility…lol…or it might have been too much.

      Having Jason gone is certainly tough but I, like you am so very grateful for his service to this country…the country that I love so much…so I am okay with it…but I will sure be glad when he steps off that plane in two weeks and I get to see his ugly mug 🙂

      The engagement photo’s turned out so well…it makes me wonder if I will get good wedding photo’s…lol…two good sessions in a row seems unlikely 🙂 but here is to hoping !

      As for wedding shoes I will be wearing flats…I had always intended to wear flats but because of the toe it is now a for sure thing and not just a choice…lol

      Hope all is going forward for you and John and happy 2010!


  4. lil chef says:

    I’m glad you’re still posting…even if it is once in a blue moon! So…..since we have another blue moon in January does that mean you’ll post again this month??!! Your wedding day is also Frank’s birthday! Great day for a wedding…..What does Jason do that he is away so much?? Hugs to you….

    • justjil says:

      Hello Jenny Lou-Lou Bird…

      It is indeed a blue moon…lol…

      Jason “flies” ROVS (Remote Operational Vehicles) for Oceaneering…They are the underwater submersibles with robotic arms and hands…But hopefully he will be going back to school in the fall so he won’t be off shore any more…God Willing…

      I think March 6th is a good day too and a pre-happy birthday to Frank and a post happy birthday to you …lol

      It is possible that I could post again this month…but I wouldn’t plan on it 🙂

      Love and hugs to you as well…Jil

  5. Kim says:

    I am late to the party. I will go through a phase of checking your blog every day for awhile to see if it has been updated and then I will forget to check it for weeks on end and of course, that is when you post…hussy!

    But I am always thrilled to read something from you. Glad things are going well and I really hope the toe heals! I am still thrilled to bits about you and Jason; so completely happy for you as you so deserve it. And your picture is beautiful.
    Still think when you get married, you and Jason should move to Maryland. Think of the fun we could have and I could keep you company while he travels..we could shop…and drink wine…and talk and have lots of fun!

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