Yes sometimes you get there in spite of the route…Losing track of your life and what it’s about…

I was reading Heathers blog a day or so ago about how she hit a milestone and wanted to celebrate but would not allow herself to really own her success at that point.  Like it didn’t really count.  I have been thinking about this a lot the last couple of days; about why it is so hard for me/us to own our successes…to acknowledge it, to really celebrate it.  This leads me to one of my curious issues…

We all have our curious issues.  We C & P girls have our hang-ups and despite any sort of discernable logic we stick with them, these hang-ups of ours.  I have quite a number of them myself;  many of them center around progress and success and what defines them. 

I have a scale.  It was an expensive scale.  It is a large scale.  I bought this scale before I had surgery…it was expensive because most scales would not accept and compute the weight that I was at.  They stopped at a weight that was well short of where I fell…so I paid throught the nose for this scale that promised to not only tell me what I weighed but also guaranteed that weight within .04 lbs…so this scale has been with me for quite some time…now this scale has a quirk of it’s own…it weighs me between 2 and 3 lbs heavier than every other scale I step onto…whether it is the scale at the doctors office, the surgeons office, the scale at a friends, at the store…wherever.  Always 2 to 3 lbs heavier.  Now in most instances I am a fairly logical person and the odds are that if EVERY other scale I weigh on weighs me 2 to 3 lbs less…odds are I weigh 2 or 3 lbs less…I know this.  I know that my scale is wrong.  I know it.  I absolutely, without a doubt know that my scale is wrong…in my head.  The problem is:  this scale is the scale I live with.  This scale has charted and documented all of my weightloss ups and downs…my emotions, despite my brain telling it that it is not so, will not believe it if I don’t see it on this scale…my scale.  Which brings me to my dilemma…

I have achieved many successes since I began this WLS journey.  So many at this point I have really lost track of many of them along the way…for awhile now my goal has been to hit 178 lbs…this would be 200 pounds lost.  A huge number…HUGE!  Now I also know that it is just a number…200 lbs lost will neither look nor feel any different than 199 lbs lost or 198…in many ways it is just a number…but it is the number I feel I must hit to have really achieved success…there are other numbers along the way that I felt this way about…you hit that number, you are elated and you move on to your next success…I have not weighed on another scale for some time now…I have stuck, mostly due to circumstance to weighing on MY scale…but this weekend I was house-sitting for a friend…she is a super healthy, fitness minded individual.  She has a scale.  A good scale, an expensive scale.  I did not want to weigh myself on her scale but at the same time, I wanted to see the number…even if I didn’t fully believe it, I wanted to see it.  I wanted to see 178.  I wanted it so badly that I stepped on this scale that would ultimately tell me a truth that I would not be able to believe…and do you know what it said…it said 177.2, I stepped on it about 17 times and each time it said 177.2…as if I could believe a number like that.  As if I could have actually lost 201 lbs.  That isn’t possible…losing that much weight just isn’t possible.  198 pounds I can believe…that sounds reasonable but 201 sounds rediculous, flighty and downright impossible…and yet a part of my brain know it’s true…sigh…but I can’t believe it until my scale says it…you know the one…the one that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is wrong…I want to celebrate it…I want to tell people, guess what?  I lost 200 friggin’ lbs…I did it…I lost it!  But I can’t…it isn’t really yet.  I went home Sunday night and I weighed myself…180.2 which is in itself a success…it took like two months to lose two lbs and reach 180.2 and my scale for a week has consistently told me that I weigh some variation of 180 lbs…I was thrilled last Tuesday when it said I weighed 180 lbs, thrilled…and yet now, a mere week later, it feels hollow.  180 now seems pointless because I have seen 177 but I can’t believe in 177 because it was on the wrong scale…why?  Why do we torture ourselves this way?  Why can we not allow ourselves our hard earned victories?  Why can we celebrate others successes but not our own?  Are we not good enough?  Are we so tied into the diet game that we have all been playing for the last 20 or 30 years that we cannot accept that we have actually done it?  That we are worth the hard work and effort that we put into making this tool work for us, that we are worthy of success….that we should not only be okay with our success but that we should own it, celebrate it?

We are GOOD enough!  We are WORTH it!  We Worked hard for this…

I can say it…now if I could just make myself believe it then we would have a real story here…

Damn scale…

sigh…JustJil…sort of kind of 177.2 lb girl…


6 thoughts on “Yes sometimes you get there in spite of the route…Losing track of your life and what it’s about…

  1. Meg says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on losing 201 pounds!!! 🙂

    I’ve had SO many people tell me lately– “you’re so brave!” and I’m always, like, “pshaw, I’m not brave”… how can I be considered brave for righting a wrong that I DID TO MYSELF? For taking what so many people call the “easy way out”? For simply addressing my reality?

    I haven’t been able to yet own the idea that I AM BRAVE. Facing this is brave. Doing it is brave.

    So while you’re trying to own 177.2 (woooo!!!), I’m working on the idea of being “brave.” And they’re so very much the same! 🙂

  2. Laurie says:

    We C&P girls love to torture ourselves mentally.. I think it goes with the territory. You ARE 177.2 pounds, and your scale needs to be shaken into compliance! LOL

    Love ya girl! 🙂 You have done a marvelous job with your weight loss, and you are looking fabulous!!


  3. Kim H. says:

    Can I just say that I LOVE the photo at the top of the blog now? That is fantastic.

    Girl… you have done amazing – but I totally understand what you’re staying…somehow it isn’t real until you can prove it to yourself on the scale that you know is broken… and then it will mean so much more… just remember that you are amazing! You’ve done such an incredible thing, and I am inspired by you!

  4. Kim says:

    We do torture, don’t we? I am currently f’n petrified to step on my scale after coming home from England, because I KNOW I gained weight. I know it. The real problem is that in my head I am convinced that somehow I am on my way back to 315 pounds. I know I am not; at least deep down inside I know it, but my head is in a constant state of panic because I am not working out right now,,,haven’t had time…vaca and now jetlag and Sunday a mission trip. NO TIME and that translates in my head to “OMG, I am going to put all this weight back on!” It’s insane.
    Blow up that damn scale, girl. I think it has run it’s little lifespan. You are so amazing and look so amazing and no damn inanimate object has any right to tell you anything different!

  5. Kim says:

    Me thinks you are overdue for you monthly update! I miss you!

  6. Kim says:

    Me thinks you are overdue for your monthly update! I miss you!

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