Poems, Prayers and Promises…

Good morning all…This is just a request that you all keep Laurie aka Gastric girl in your thoughts and prayers today.  She called our Dr. W. yesterday to make an appointment because she has not been feeling well for the last couple of weeks; after describing her symptoms to him he asked her to reroute and head to the ER…she was admitted last night and after some testing she was visited this morning by Dr. W and will be visited by a surgeon later this m0rning…it appears preliminarily that she has both gallstones and a hernia.  It is looking pretty good that she will go under the knife to have both her gallbladder and the hernia removed.  We are not sure of the time frame yet but considering they are not releasing her from the hospital I believe it will be pretty soon.  She will call me after her meeting with Dr. Ferrari the surgeon (he was my surgeon incidentally) and let me know the score at which point I will update for all of you as well.

I know she could use the prayers and well wishes right now so if you want to leave a comment for her, I will be glad to relay it this evening when I go visit if indeed she is still in the hospital



4 thoughts on “Poems, Prayers and Promises…

  1. Meg says:

    Thanks for updating us! Wow… gallstones AND a hernia? Ick! But at least she can get both issues handled at once!

  2. Heather says:

    Oh my goodness! That is awful! Thank you, so much, for relaying the message. What a great friend you are! I am glad that she was smart enough to call on the issue! Gallbladder pain doesn’t mess around!

    Please let her know that I will keep her in my prayers and I expect a speedy, pain-free (as pain-free as possible) recovery!

  3. Donna says:

    That Stinks! The good thing is she gets 2 for 1! I’ll send the positive vibes. Gallbladder is easy-peasy… had mine sliced, diced and removed last February. Dr. W. referred me to Dr. Bonner — He was freakin’ awesome, so she shouldn’t sweat it if she winds up with him. *hugs*

  4. Kim H. says:

    My gosh – I fall of the planet for a couple of days and Laurie falls apart. I’m praying for a quick recovery… as it’s over now, and I know she’s in the hands of two good doctors.

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