25 Random things about me…

I was tagged on Facebook to do this and then, I saw that Heather had posted hers on her blog as well so I decided to follow suit…In my innermost heart I am apparently a copycat…lol…but truly there are some things about me that may be enlightening to you guys as well…so I thought I would throw it out there…

1. I am officiallly moving in with my boyfriend in April…mentally I have already moved in…lol…

2. My younger brother Dave has lived with me for the last two years, we will part ways in April and I will miss him but I am happy for the changes we are both making…

3. I have lost 187 pounds in the last ten months…I know that I am not fat anymore, just average…but when I look in the mirror sometimes I still see her, the fat girl and I fear I always will…

4. I fell in love in 2008…as much as I wanted to fall in love I don’t think I ever really believed I would, it is humbling, overwhelming and thrilling all at the same time…

5. I had a debilitating car accident in 1994 and had extensive damage, I was told then I would not be able to have children…I found out in September that the scar tissue has miraculously disappeared and they think I should be able to have children with no problems…I have spent the last 14 years “knowing” I would not have children…I find it hard to believe that somehow that all changed and I am grateful beyond any words that God allowed my body to heal…

6. My mom is a diagnosed schizophrenic…she has been all of my life, growing up I didn’t know what was wrong with her, I just knew she was “crazy”…when I was 15 she was diagnosed, it was my freshman year in highschool…I was relieved when her sickness finally had a name…sometimes there is comfort in knowledge, even if it is not the answer you wanted…

7. I taught Early Childhood Education for 11 years…which is basically pre-school, I retired from teaching 3 1/2 years ago to take a desk job so that I could make a decent living…I make good money, I have a nice home and I don’t have to struggle so much or worry about my bills…I miss teaching every day…I made the right decision but I traded a calling, something which validated me as a human being for a desk job where the work I do means nothing…I sold my soul for the almighty paycheck…most days I miss the struggle

8. I bought a new car in May…it is the first car that I have ever bought that I genuinely love, it is a black, Chrysler Crossfire with two tone leather interior of black/burnt orange…I have never really cared much about cars but every day when I round the corner as I am walking towards my car I get a thrill and at stoplights when guys stare at my car, I think to myself “that’s right, my car could kick your cars ass”…sometimes I don’t even know who I am anymore…lol…

9. My boyfriend Jason is a huge UT football fan, and although I have always scoffed at the whole college football thing, I had to watch 6 hundred and seventy eleven games this past season and I have become a fan…sigh…I even have a UT shirt now…

10. My favorite color is Chartreuse…seriously

11. I used to be a big coffee drinker years ago…several cups a day, at least 4 or 5 if not more…I simply love coffee…the taste…the aroma…the warmth of it….so I find it somewhat sad now that despite my best effort I can’t seem to finish a single cup…I end up zapping the same cup twenty times and I still can’t finish it…sigh

12. I am OCD about ziplocs and disposable containers…if I don’t have twenty boxes at hand I feel vulnerable and insecure…

13. In the last couple of months I have been buying the bags at the grocery stores that are long lasting and help the environment…I like the idea of them…they are sturdier…easier to handle…AND…addictive...the problem is I don’t ever reuse them…I want to…I have them hanging on a special hook in my pantry…the problem is I usually don’t PLAN to go the store, I stop in transit to and from various places so I never actually have them in the car with me when I go…so I keep buying more of them because they are easier to use and carry…I have 16 of them now…sigh

14. My favorite author is Clive Cussler…I have read every book he has ever written both fiction and non-fiction…his books are primarily centered around underwater marine salvage, so the use of ROV’s (remote operational vehicles) is prevalent, I am very aware of their use and function including basic and some elevated terms of usage…so image my surprise when I met Jason, he launches, ‘flies’ and maintains ROV’s…and I actually fully understand the technology and the funtion of his job…when no one else does…lol…and I am a girl to boot 🙂

15. I love board games…all board games…and yes I am totally at peace with the lameness of that…I especially love Cranium and my all time favorite Scrabble

16. I am going to my cousin Bretts and Ryans house for dinner tonight…we are having White Chili…yum…and we will probably indulge my nerdness with a board game or two…

17. I miss Jason a lot…he is working in Louisiana right now and he only gets to come home on the weekends…it is hard on both of us…but soon enough he will head off shore and be gone for 3 to six weeks at a time…I am not sure what is worse…having to say goodbye every weekend again and again or knowing that he is thousands of miles away…right now this is worse but I know after a a week or so off shore when I haven’t seen his face I will change my mind…but at least he has a job that he likes and is good at…even if it does take him to far away oceans…

18. Only my left ear is pierced twice…my right ear is pierced once. No, it is not a rebellion thing. When my Nonnie died in February of 1998 (my mothers mother) she left her jewelry to me…there wasn’t much…I really only wanted her Nursing pin and a pair of gold filigree earings that are the only ones I ever remember her wearing, unfortunately by the time the earrings made it to me, there was only ‘earring’ as opposed to two. So I have two holes in my left ear and I wear her earring in that one…I have never taken it off and never plan to.

19. My first car was 1989 Mitsubishi Mirage, I bought it all by myself in the spring of 1994, I paid for it all by myself in cash it cost $2,039.00 …I drove it for two years and then sold it when I moved to Northern Ireland.

20. I lived in Northern Ireland in 1996/97…I turned 23 there…I was a Nanny for a 13 month old boy, Stephen and Twin girls, Natasha and Kristina, they were seven days old when I arrived.

21. I wrote my first book report in 3rd grade, I read the book Anne of Green Gables…I loved it so much that my book report was three pages long, front and back and I drew three pages of illustrations to go with it…it is still my favorite book of all time and I have read it at least 50 times.

22. If I could be anything in the world and know that I would be good at it and successful, I would probably be a cat burglar…I don’t want to think too carefully about why that is…there are somethings about ourselves we should not explore too deeply…lol

23. I got a viral strain of Spinal Menengitis three years ago…I was hospitalized, and I thought I was going to die…It was the sickest I have ever been…the brain swells a great deal and causes a headache you wouldn’t believe…the headache lasted for nearly three months…the headache was so bad I didn’t even flinch when they gave me the spinal tap…I would never wish anyone friend or foe to have to experience that…the second week…I prayed actively to God that if he wanted to take me, I had had a good life and I was ready to go…and I was serious…it hurt that bad…

24. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue…

25. I wrote a play called “The Grass is always Greener” when I was 16…it was about a boy named Jasper who lost his sight in an accident which killed his father when he was a young boy, and how he harbored the idea that he was responsible for his fathers death, and ultimately came to terms with his blindness and his self loathing…it sucked….I don’t have a copy of it…it exists only on a hard drive that is inaccesible…I wish I could read it now all these years later…just to know what my writing style was all those years ago…I have started many plays since then…that was the only one I ever completed…

So there you have it…me in a weird little nutshell…lol
Why not take the challenge and tell 25 random things about you…I found it to be…challenging but also refreshing…

5 thoughts on “25 Random things about me…

  1. Kim H. says:

    I love our links on the side… hysterical!!

    1. WOO HOO!! I’m so excited for you.
    3. You truly are a cut & paste rockstar!
    5. Amazing! God is so good!
    9. Welcome to my world…what I’ve since learned is that every football game on the planet can effect college football. High school games are important because “you want to see the new recruits” and Pro football is important “because they were former players” – Where does it end?
    12. This one made me laugh out loud.
    13. Ummm… put a few in your car and keep them there. 🙂
    15. Me too! I’ve loved every minute of our new church because we have LOTS of couple game nights. Our pastor even threw one once where we played the newlywed game.
    22. A cat burgler, really? Hysterical!
    23. I’m SO glad you got better – it sounds horrible though.

  2. Meg says:

    Yay for you and Jason!!

    187 pounds in ten months literally blows my mind. That’s unbelievable!

    Lee wants my next car to be a Crossfire and if I let him read this I’m sure it will be! 🙂

  3. Laurie says:

    I commented on facebook, but I would feel like a loser if I didn’t comment here too… You’re an amazing little firecracker, my dear friend!

  4. Heather says:

    I LOVE board games too. I’m called “cheesy” because of it. Sometimes it makes me feel like an “old-lady” because I like card games too like Canasta, Hand-n-foot, and cribbage. But all the years of practice will send the old ladies (in our nursing home) crying because they didn’t play in their 20’s & 30’s!

    Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you shared!

  5. Janine says:

    Thanks for finding my blog. I have just read yours from scratch and can see how much change you have had since you started this journey. Look forward to hearing more about you

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