Smoke and Mirrors baby…smoke and mirrors…






This is the first time I have actually “seen” my ass since I lost weight and can I just say…Holy Mary mother of God…who is this because it cannot be me…






I still have hips…genetics I suppose…but at least they don’t brush both sides of the doorway when I walk through it…and then perhaps the most shocking Picture of all…






I am at a loss for any words to say about this…are those really my legs?  They look so much like…legs.  They can’t possibly be mine…

Here is the thing…you see yourself in a mirror and you can deny certain aspects of your appearance, see fat that isn’t really there and so on but it is much harder to emotionally warp your image when it is a picture…

These are the first full body pictures I have taken in probably 6 or 7 months…and I am in awe…I look so…so…so…small.  I can’t deny it, argue with it, emotionally color it…it just is.  It’s me and it is smallish…This is probably the biggest “WOW” I have had since surgery…literally.

My co-worker Liz saw me today and said stand still, I have to take some pictures…I hemmed and hawed but then I thought…well why not…but I was not prepared for the outcome…

As an aside, I weigh 190 pounds as of yesterday…one more pound and I will have lost one half of my person, which was my next goal…and for the first time since highschool…I am wearing a size 12 jeans today.  Granted I happen to know this brand runs large.  this is the third pair I have bought in various sizes…and the first two although the “right” size were always too large…their is no way in heck I could wear a 12 in anything else but still the tag says 12 and they are on my body and that my friends is a friggin miracle…


Just Jil


8 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors baby…smoke and mirrors…

  1. Laurie says:

    You look absolutely amazing.. I know I see you practically every day and tell you how great you look.. I’m glad you can finally see it!! 🙂 Keep those pictures close so when those mirrors start deceiving again you can knock them out! 😛

  2. Heather says:

    I’m typically a lurker on your blog (hope you don’t mind) but I had to come out and say – YOU LOOK AMAZING! I’ve been following you for a little while and when I saw your pictures yesterday I was amazed. You are beautiful. You are successful and I am so inspired by that success! I know that it’s hard to see sometimes when it’s you, but maybe the more you hear it the more it will sink in. Congratulations!

    • justjil says:

      Thank you so much Heather…it has been a shock today…I am sure you understand……feel free to lurk as much as you please…hope you don’t mind that I added you to my blogroll and now we can lurk together…lol…glad to meet you heather…Jil

  3. Kim H. says:

    Oh Jil – you look fantastic. I’m so happy for you, and you’re right a picture is always more telling than a mirror. I can’t deny what I see in photos, but I can when I see it in a mirror.

  4. Meg says:

    You really do look amazing! That side picture shows it best I think–you’re cute little bootie with slim legs! 🙂 HOT HOT!

  5. liz "co-worker" says:

    Dork I am not JUST a co-worker..who says that anyway??!! LOL

    I wanted you to SEE how little you are. I know you don’t see it like I see it, just like I don’t see things like you do.

    Today I was hainvg a WOW moment for you, in spite of you….and I am very proud and happy for you.

  6. Kim says:

    You look beautiful and amazing and I love having hips, when you can see a distinction between hips and waist. And all this blogging! Now you have to sign up for Blog365!

  7. Kim says:

    Oh and I forgot to add that I adore you! 🙂

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