I’ve got dreams, dreams to remember…

Promised...past, present & future!

Promised...past, present & future!

Well it has been awhile now since I have written a post.  In my mind I have all kinds of valid reasons for this but at the end of the day it’s all rubbish…nothing, not even living life means that I haven’t a moment or two to spare to write a few words to my friends, my sisters, my fellow C & P Girls…I offer up my remorse and regret to you all…I will try to be better…

A lot has been happening in the world of Shut Your Piehole…first let me say, yes. Yes, Jason arrived home safely.  He arrived home on Christmas day at 2:00pm in the afternoon.  Best Christmas gift ever 🙂  Sappy but true…I didn’t find out until 1 a.m. Christmas morning that he would be arriving.  After sobbing like a baby at the candlelight service at midnight on Christmas Eve for his safe return (I had not heard from him since he was bumped from his flight out of Point Noir several days prior and he did not know then when he would make it home, or when he would be able to call again, he had to borrow someones global cell phone to be able to call me…there are no phones and no internet access at the Point Noir Compound…err..I mean airport and just as a general aside, I won’t get into details but you really don’t want to have to spend any extra time in Point Noir…EVER…for any reason) I prayed harder than I have ever prayed in my life to get a word from him, just to know that he was safe!  And in His divine mercy God answered my prayer…and on a whim I checked my email at just after 1 a.m. and lo and behold Jason had emailed me literally three minutes before I arrived home.  We were able to email back and forth several times and he let me know that he had arrived in Paris just moments before…I then called his Mom and Stepdad Lloyd and his father to let them know the joyous news…It was a Christmas miracle for us all…but best of all was not that he would be home on Christmas day, not that I would be holding him in my arms in 12 hours but that he was safe.  I was just so grateful that he was safe…I never really expected to find this depth of love in my life…I feel blessed everyday that God brought us together…and for bringing him home to me for our first Christmas together…My second Christmas gift came in a very small box…A promise ring from the love of my life…a beautiful ring, inscribed with the words Past, Present & Future…He is all of these things and I am sure you will forgive me if I admit that I wept when I opened the box…Best Christmas ever…

On the weight front…last time I blogged about my very dear RNY status I mentioned that I finally had a couple of goals…  The first of which was to get below 200 lbs…I achieved this on December 26…the day after Christmas. 199…One friggin ninety-nine 🙂

My next goal was to reach and surpass 189 as that would be exactly one half of my original weight lost.  I am not there yet but I am running it down…I am currently at 192…in just under ten months I have lost one hundred eighty six lbs…1 8 6 lbs people…HOLY COW!  I have my final check-up with my surgeon on March 20th which is exactly one year from my date of surgery.  I hope to be below 189 by then, but even more so I hope to have hit 175.  175 is my ultimate goal.  Iweighed 175 in 1994 when I had the car accident.

March 2008 – 378 lbs, Size 32, 4X

January 2009 – 192 lbs, Size 14, XL

The Difference – Priceless 

I am a selfish blogger…I read you all everyday, and I don’t take the time to comment as I should or write as I should either…Mini Meggs, Congratulations on being able to see yourself as you are now and recognizing how far you have truly come.  Kimmy, girl you rock out your Brit Ticker until that man comes home to you, I know how it feels!   Kim H…prayers for you and your situations at work, medically and with your family may God bring His Peace down upon you…Lace, love you girl as you spin your way out into the world with your new wings, no limits chickadee, no limits!  Laurie, my sister from another Mister…Oh, how I love you so!

I leave you all with a tangible symbol of my happiness and a wish that all of us will truly shed our old wings and spread our new ones far and wide…God bless everyone in the new year, my precious Cut & Paste Girls!

Love JustJil