Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin…Dance me through the panic ’til I’m safely gathered in…Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove…

To all of those who have been hopeful with me and prayerful that Jason would be home this week, I want you to know how much your thoughts, prayers and support have meant…he found out yesterday that he will not be home ’til the 23rd…so if you could throw a few more prayers our way, they truly lift me up when I really want to cry…borrowed strength is still strength…

Love to you all…JustJil


Listen to your heart, and what your heart might say, Everything we got, we got the hard way…

For all of those wondering…the flight was fine…I fit in the seat WITH the seatbelt on and I had to tighten it considerably which was just about the most awesome thing ever…there was a good six or seven inches extra left of the belt once I tightened it 🙂

There really isn’t a lot going on in the weightloss arena…it is at a steady trickle right now which is just fine with me…I am at 210 this morning which is just fantastic…seriously, who knew there was so much joy found in 21o lbs?  lol…I lost 8 lbs this past month which as I said I am good with that puts me at 168lbs lost in 8 1/2 months…which is kind of funny because 168 was the most I ever weighed in highschool when I thought I was grotesquely obese…so I lost a highschooler (a delusional self-involved highschooler) but a highschooler none-the-less.  🙂

In other news…hopefully Jason will be home next weekend.  Cross your fingers and pray will ya…this has been the longest 28 days of my life and I have one more week to go…lol…I think Laurie (aka Gastric Girl) wants him home more than me…lol…besides the fact that they are friends…she has to listen to me all day long as I wail and gnash my teeth and moan and complain and sigh…a lot of sighing…lol…for her sanity, pray that he makes it home quickly and in one piece! 🙂

That is really all for now…Hope all are having a blessed and joyous Christmas season!

Love and Mistletoe to us all…JustJil