I was young and foolish then, I feel OLD and foolish now….

So I had my “6” month check-up on Friday and I am happy to report that I am apparently going to live for now…lol

In general everything was quite good, except for my Vitamin D…damn sunlight deficiency and my Iron, which is not super bad but it isn’t great either so I need to work on those two things.  I also talked to my surgeon about the fact that my stomach has not stretched, which we have spoken about before but the reality is that I am almost 7 1/2 months out and it still has not stretched.  He says that it is time to come to terms with the idea that it may not ever really stretch.  This may be it…I may never be able to eat more than a 1/3 of a cup of food.  I know that this is a blessing.  I truly do but it still makes me a little sad in some ways…I know that it means I won’t have to struggle as much as everyone else and I am so grateful for that but…it also means that I won’t ever fully live a normal-ish life.  I will always have to explain to others why my plate is still full or just lie and say I was really not that hungry…I know it is a small price to pay and I also know that I will come to treasure it the farther out I am…but for now, it is a little hard to swallow.

In general.  I am healthy.  I am sickengly, grossly and in all other ways disgustingly happy with my life.  I am down to 218 this morning…which is 155 lbs lost…which is just insane.  I feel good.  For the first time, I really believe that I will be able to get under 200 by Christmas…which again…CRAZY!!!  I am not sure what size that will put me in…I am in a 16 now…so maybe a 14?  I don’t know and I almost don’t care…in general I am not all that fancy with clothes…I am a laid back person, i wear jeans and some sort of sweater and flip-flops pretty much everday…my friends call it (lovingly I am sure) my uniform…lol…but for Christmas, I actually would like to get something pretty and girly and feminine and I really would like to get it at a normal store…not Avenue or Lane Bryant…on Christmas Eve at our big family gathering, I would like to be beautiful…not just the same old cute-ish Jil…I want to actually be pretty and festive…so I need to lose 19 lbs Christmas…I think I can…I think I can…I think I can…lol

In other non-WLS related news My birthday is next Sunday on the 9th and we had my family celebration yesterday and Jason got to meet the rest of my family, except My Dad and Stepmom (in Arkansas)…everybody liked him and he liked them as well…YEA!  It was a lovely birthday…number 35!

So that is it…the status of my life…Love to you all…JustJil


4 thoughts on “I was young and foolish then, I feel OLD and foolish now….

  1. Laurie says:

    Aww my sweet Jil! You are going to pass me up, I know you are! I know it is a little hard to swallow (no pun intended, did you intend yours? hehe) the fact that your stomach may not stretch. You know I’m here for ya girlyface! Love ya oodles! 😀

  2. justjil says:

    Yes…pun intended…I am ironic like that! LOL…I know and I love you too 🙂

  3. Kim H. says:

    Is Dr. F worried at all that when you get to your goal that you’ll keep losing? I’m just curious what it really means that your stomach might not stretch… does that mean that you’ll struggle to keep weight on at some point?

    You are doing fabulous!! You’re my hero!

  4. justjil says:

    Honestly Kim, I don’t know. That’s something that I will probably cover with Weinstein. I can probably just change up the foods I eat, higher fat content and such but I will jump off that bridge when and if it comes to that. I honestly have slowed way down with the weightloss…I only lose a pound or two pwr week in general sometimes nothing at all. So I have a feeling it won’t be an issue but again, I will just have to wait and see.

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