After the rain…

I am lucky

I know people

Who are not

For me inconvenience continues

But only minor

For them

They have nothing

No power

No water

No hope

Ike swept through

Like an entitled debutante

Taking liberties

Like party favors

Leaving a trail

Of debris and destruction

In his wake


Collapsed roof

$5000 dollar deductible

She doesn’t have it

Two kids, decent pay

FEMA won’t help her

The distress on her face

Easy to read

What to do?


The tree that fell

Through his roof

Allowed the rains

To take everything

He had

No renters insurance

Everything gone

He wanders around

In a daze

He doesn’t know

Where to go


Traffic lights are

Blinking everywhere

If they are

Working at all

People are beginning

To lose patience


I am proud of this city

For taking it all

In stride

For as long as it has

But along with

The power lines

Tempers are

Beginning to fray

How much longer

Before they snap


I can’t think

About Galveston

The city

The beach

That I love

The loss staggering

Numbers growing

By the hour

So many dead

So many more to find

So many

Never to be found

Washed away


We will recover

This city

Resilient by nature

Will go on

But at what