Tomfoolery and other shenanigans…

Okay…I have put this off for far longer than I should have and I am not sure I really know why…I certainly don’t have a good excuse.  I love to blog.  I feel a certain amount of satisfaction from putting word to blank screen.  To tying thoughts and emotions to a blank canvas and illiciting feelings from others.  In saying that, I have had a hell of a time lately.  I have begun several times, staring at the blank screen, feeling the call of the keyboard and accomplishing…nothing, zilch, zip, nada.  Maybe it’s that it is summer; You all know my feelings about summer aka the death of creativity.  Anywho…onto greener pastures.  I am making amends for my badness.

On the weight front I have been doing really well…freakishly well…the olympics of well.  As of today I am down 106 lbs.  So I am at 267 from 373 starting weight.  I had my 3 month check up with my surgeon week before last and all of my labs came back, not good but fantastic.  He loved my cholesteral level so much I thought he might cry.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him my cholesteral has always been really good.  If he wants to gush over my cholesteral, who am I to deprive him of that joy.

On other fronts, I believe I might have found a new church, at least for awhile.  I don’t  have the foresight to know if it will become my church home, only time will tell.  I did enjoy it immensly though and I am looking forward to returning this Sunday.  I know I have not really spoken much of my spiritual journey on here but when I walked away from teaching 3 years ago, I also walked away from my church home.  They were one in the same and somehow when I quit teaching, the church didn’t seem to fit either.  So I have been wandering for the last few years and I have felt really adrift lately.  Wanting a new spiritual home and sad that I had not found one.  Please forgive the horrific grammer, I have thus displayed so far; It is the best I can do today or you will have no blog at all.  Anywhooo…back to the topic at hand.  I think I have found a church to stick with for awhile in the hopes that it will become a church home.  Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly.  I even ran into some old friends who I had not seen in over a year.  The best part however was the meal we shared after the service.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoy good fellowship with other brethren of the same school of thought.  I had been invited to the service by Laurie who attends with her boyfriend Jay.  The three of us and one of Jays friends, Mike, went to lunch afterwards and I cannot remember enjoying myself that much in quite some time.

So there you have it.  In a nutshell.

I apologize again for being a blogging delinquent and appreciate your loyalty to my salty little blog despite my obvious tomfoolery.  I will try to do better.

Loving you all the way from this melting pot called Houston…Justjil


6 thoughts on “Tomfoolery and other shenanigans…

  1. Meghan says:

    Glad you’re back. Daaaaaaaaang on the weight loss… you really ARE rockin’ it!!

    I’m so glad you’ve found a church home… however temporary or permanent it may turn out to be!

  2. justjil says:

    Thank you Megs, I will try to be less of a noodge in the future! :o)

  3. Laurie says:

    Yay a blog from the most fantastical blogger in the nation! 😛
    Yes, you are doing so wonderful on the weight loss, it makes me want to shed happy tears for you my little grasshopper! I am so glad you enjoyed the church and I look forward to attending with you!
    Lots of love to ya girlfriend!

  4. Kim H. says:

    My gosh – you are the poster child for WLS!! That is so impressive! I am jealous and excited for you at the same time! I’m so glad to see you back on the blog too… I love reading your writing – your style is so unique and I just enjoy everything that you share with us.

    Congratulations on finding a church that might become your home… it is such a great feeling, and I think it’s even better that you can go with Laurie – I can’t think of anything better!

  5. lacy says:


    so, for awhile there, you weren’t posting really regularly, so I would stop by less than daily….so my hopes wouldn’t be DASHED…and here I come back and there are oodles of goodness in postage form! I shan’t stay away so long next time.

    100 pounds?!?!?! You are fast approaching what I weigh right now! (253!!!) I’ve lost 80, and I’m SO insanely pumped that you are passed up on 100!! that must feel so delicious and delightful, lovely!!!

    Jil, I just adore you. Post more! Post more! POST MORE!

  6. Kim says:

    We’ll take what we can get, Jil! I am always just so pleased to read anything you write!
    Congrats on your over 100 pound loss! You are amazing!
    Church homes are so important. I often wish I didn’t work for my church because sometimes my spiritual journey gets lost in the shuffle of being here. Though I am only paid for twenty hours a week, if I am in the building, I am working as people will approach me whenever and ask for whatever. I know they aren’t really thinking about it, but it does tend to blur the lines between employee and parishoner. Meh.

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