…and the T.V. glowed that long hot summer with all the cities burning down…

Every year I dread it.  I know it’s coming, I know there is nothing I can do to stop it and still…summer comes.

I think the thing that marks the arrival of summer is different for everyone.  For some people it is a date on the calendar, for others maybe it’s the day the neighborhood pool officially opens and still for some it is an intangible thing, a feeling.  For me, there are like ten things that signify the coming of summer.  As I tick off each thing it’s like one more nail in the coffin ’til begrudgingly I acknowledge it has begun.

I hate summer.  It has always been that way.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t dread it.  I always looked forward to the end of school with mixed feelings.  Yay, no school!  Boo, long, sunny, hot days!  Granted, it’s not just the heat, or the brightness of this Texas blue sky, it’s everything.  It’s the smell of coppertone sunblock, it’s getting out of the shower feeling good and then walking out of the door into the summer heat and feeling a drop of sweat roll down your back, it’s burning your fingers trying to put your damn seatbelt on, but for me all of these things pale in comparison to the real travesty of summer days.  Oh sure, the days are longer but I achieve less in those hours.  The sun kills any creativity I have.  I lose motivation.  I start calculating how long this will go on, making little bets with myself about how soon I can expect Autumn to begin it’s slow campaign to squash the life out of summer.  When did it begin to cool down last year?  Was it September that had those first stirrings of the possibility of Fall, or was it October?  When was the first night that it fell into the 60’s?  Will this be an early Autumn or late?  Is it too early to start thinking about Hallowe’en?  Thanksgiving?  Christmas?  I mentioned to a co-worker yesterday that it was a mere 7 months ’til Christmas and she looked at me with dead calm and said, “DO NOT even start talking about that, I don’t want to think about Christmas”, I questioned her further, saying,  “Really?  You really don’t want to even think about it?” and she was serious when she said, “No”.  So I let it go, contemplating as I did, how one makes it through these long bleak summer months without thinking about all of the great things that come with the death of summer.  It’s my coping mechanism.  It is how I make it through summer at all. 

All of my friends accuse me of being dark and twisty and there is some merit to that.  I crave gray, overcast skies, the whistle of the wind through barren branches, watching all of the brilliantly hued leaves as they spiral down, the reverent crunch of fallen acorns as you step on them, the cool snap in the air around twilight, the death everywhere of all mosquito’s, the short days, the long evenings, it’s almost enough to make my synapses fuse just thinking about it.  Creativity abounds, I start painting again and writing again and optimism once again takes root in my psyche.  The stars are brighter, sound carries farther, people move with a noticeable skip in their step.  The energy is electrifying!  The possibilities infinite, full of hope and wonder.  Soon, you can smell the essence of smoke on the winds as people throw logs into the fireplace.  It spreads through you warming you down to your toes.  Life is good, the world is at peace and the only thing that brings me down at all is knowing that it will come to an end…Autumn and Winter will fade and Spring will begin, promising new growth and then with singular melancholy, Spring will hoist it’s white flag of surrender to Summer, and I will be driven indoors to contemplate once again, seasonal averages, rainfall, and Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving and Christmas and whether or not I will make a my famous, Post-Thanksgiving Day Quiche this year…

Well, It seems like it started to cool down mid October of last year, so just five months to go…


5 thoughts on “…and the T.V. glowed that long hot summer with all the cities burning down…

  1. Laurie says:

    Awwww I hope the time passes by quickly for you… I am one that likes summer… I hate the heat.. but love swimming pools.. the sunshine lasting until 8:30.. I probably make you sick don’t I? 🙂 lol
    Here’s to a few dark dreary summer days for you to think of the fall!!
    love ya girl!

  2. Kim H. says:

    I can’t say that I’m a fan of the summer either – but for me it is exactly the issue of heat and humidity… I feel like Houston is the pit of hell on those days when you open the door… and the humidity hits you in the face like a brick wall. ARG!!

  3. Meghan says:

    Yes, yes, YES!! Finally, someone who feels about summer the way I do! I can’t say I hate the smell of coppertone, but it just seems like a crime to be anywhere OTHER than the beach during summer months. It’s too hot to wear clothes. Too hot to grocery shop. Too hot to leave the house, and too boring to stay inside. I SO hear you! I have no idea why tourists come to Florida in the summer. It’s MISERABLE.

  4. lacy says:


    you should be a writer. well wait, you are doing that right now aren’t you? well, dear…what I mean, is that you should employ your way with words and craft something the masses can enjoy. I suspect you’d crank out one fine novel. You have a beautiful way with words.

    please keep writing. if you do, i’ll keep reading.


  5. Kim says:

    Aw, it makes me sad that you hate my favorite season! It’s not so much that I love heat and humidity; it’s more that I hate being cold and I am cold from November till May, every single year. The cold gets into my bones and it takes so long for it to go away and for me to get warm again. Arriving in Florida today, ‘I finally felt my entire body start to thaw and I basked in the ninety degree weather.
    I do hope it passes quickly for you…yet slowly for me 🙂

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