Stressed out but trying to play it cool…

I didn’t mention it before but when the surgery date was set by my surgeon he told me that he wanted me to lose 20 to 25 lbs. before the surgery and put me on a primarily liquid diet.  This is not uncommon among GB patients, it helps to shrink the liver making the surgery less dangerous by creating easier access to the stomach and the intestines.

When he first mentioned it to me I felt positive that I would be able to achieve those results.  In fact I felt positive that I would be able to achieve the higher end of what he asked of me.  Cocky?  Yep!  Although I struggled early on I managed to lose the first 11 lbs. in about two weeks, okay not too bad, that gave me three weeks to lose the other 12.  Well the surgery is a little over a week away and I have only lost and gained the same two lbs. over and over again since then and I am STRESSED out!  What if he decideds I can’t have the surgery yet?  What if he does do the surgery but there are complications because of my lack of will power?  Why did he want me to lose so much, part of the reason I am having this surgery is my inability to do this on my own?  Needless to say I am cocky no more.

Anyway…just having a bit of a struggle this morning.  Trying to put it in God’s hands and let it go.  It’s hard…Pray for me please.

Love ya all…

Just Jil


7 thoughts on “Stressed out but trying to play it cool…

  1. gastricgirl says:

    I will keep you in my prayers. I really believe this is in God’s hands and that nothing will stop you from having this surgery. It will save your life. On another note, it would be ludacris for the the doctor to cancel your surgery. You are doing what he has asked, and that OR is booked for you. If he were to cancel, he would lose out, as well as the hospital. I doubt he would do that. I know I should practice what I preach when I say this, but it will help you. AVOID THE SCALE! There is no need getting yourself worked up over something that is basically not in your control. The pounds we carry are stubborn lil buggers, but they WILL drop off.
    Love ya!

  2. lacy says:

    Hiya! I found you through Laurie (gastric girl) and I just have to tell you, that I am so excited for you. I’ve been there, and I’m two months out, and this is an amazing journey.

    By the way, I love the header! She’s one of my favorite artists!

    God bless, lacy

  3. Linda says:

    I will pray for you every day. Gastricgirl is right – avoid the scale! Please do not despair – everything will be ok – the good Lord would not have brought you this far – He will not disappoint.

  4. Leigh Ann says:

    I am convinced that this surgery, and the resulting benefits to your health will happen. You have said yourself that you need not be in control of everything. Admit that others can do things for you, too. Be strong and have faith – you will succeed.

  5. Have you had your final pre-op visit yet? What’d he say about it then?

  6. Meghan says:

    I think that while the doctors give a goal of 20 pounds or more, they’re happy with ANY loss. If you’re sticking to the liquid diet, you’re doing everything you’re supposed to!

  7. texantiff says:

    Giving anyone a goal of 20-25 lbs of loss in such a short time would be difficult – liquid diet or not. You’re doing something so amazing and this is just the beginning of the coolest journey! In a year it’ll be so fun to compare pictures and look at how far you’ve come! You should be VERY proud of yourself. Good luck Jil and I look forward to reading about your progress!

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